About Us      

Complete Internet Services is a unique consortium of Internet professionals with a wide variety of skills. We have brought together the best colleagues we have worked with in our years in the industry, creating a multi-talented team of developers, designers, engineers and administrators, each and every one of them a standout in his area of expertise.

Our flexible and continually evolving structure allows us to handle large development projects with all the resources of a large company while enjoying the low overhead of a smaller company.

Whatever it is you need...we can build it, find it, fix it, tweak it, integrate it, optimize it, maintain it, solve it, or troubleshoot it...for the best price in town.

Web Development - Years of Experience

We can build the best site for your needs. Why? Because we have years of experience in the industry. Because we have myriad tools at our fingertips, myriad skills to draw upon.

Home of the Award-Winning Autobuilder!

Sylvia Juncosa, founder of, built her reputation in the web development community as an extremely prolific and creative ASP/Database programmer. Constantly coding during the height of the dot-com era, she had a great deal of code in production. Most notably this included a website autobuilder which grew to become the WebBuilder Suite, which was flagship product for the company at the time and stood toe-to-toe with rival products made by larger corporations with much higher budgets.

Programmers and IT Staff

We can provide development teams for other companies. The possibilities are endless with our unique combinations of in-house staff, local consultants, and overseas teams. Available skill sets include:

Internet Services

SylverTek has a unique position in the industry which enables the company to provide the quality services and tap extensive resources like a large organization, while maintaining the low overhead, rapid response and personal care of a smaller company. And we pass that savings on to you!