Website Examples      

These are a some of the websites in the SylverTek portfolio, representative of a category of functionality and purpose.

Lynette Skynyrd

Stench Radio


The portfolio includes various music industry websites. Stench Radio is an independent punk rock Internet radio station, with a streaming media server integrated into the website, which can serve live DJs as well as pre-recorded loops. The site also includes a chat room to service the station's committed regular fan base, show archives available via an embedded Flash player, photo galleries, donation buttons and more.

Sylvia Juncosa

TFN Website

The Free Network is promoting their multi-level marketing company and increasing their membership by offering complete, easy-to-build websites to their members. The home site of such an enterprise should accordingly have a bright, dynamic and modern appeal, while at the same time offering ease of use and direct message.

E-Spring Tower is a property in downtown Los Angeles that advertises itself with the phrase "Come and experience 21 st century technology in a 19th century atmosphere." The site should reflect history and quality while maintaining the precision of a modern website.

NetCBC, Inc.

Sylvia was the lead developer and a central figure at NetCBC for about three years. She created the company's flagship product and all their most major projects as well as generating a large amount of live production code.

Athlete Models

Gallery/Membership Sites

These sites portray professional photography exhibits. The programming utilizes a custom component that instantly creates website galleries from the photos, so that hundreds of photos can be added to the site in just a few moments time and without any further programming. Subscription services are modularized, use live credit-card transactions, providing for member signups, recurring billing, payment status reports and more.

E-Commerce Sites

These database-driven, full-featured e-commerce sites allow a merchant to put their catalog online in minimal time. Data can be entered via a password-protected, web-based administration area or imported automatically from an in-house database, Excel spreadsheets, text files or other compatible formats. Featured below are, with online CD sales, downloads and song samples, and, wholesale and retail sellers of fine silver jewelry.

Directory Sites and Full Business Integration

UMDN - Union Members Discount Network - has a multi-faceted website built using ASP and SQL Server. The public portion of the site includes a nationwide directory of businesses, which users can easily access using a sophisticated search engine or by browsing the listings by category and/or location. The password-protected administrative section of the site includes membership and client management utilities, as well as automated creation of email, printable newsletters, and printable listings booklet and mailing labels.